Monday, March 14, 2011


Poof! Another weekend bites the dust.

Monday, again.

Not that we did anything earth-shattering. The usual: diapers, sippie cups, snacks, tantrums and stories.

But there were banana pancakes, extended periods of time spent in footie-pajamas, and long interludes of exploring the regions of the yard where the snow has melted.

We might have rocked us some serious bed-head.

As we emptied out the basement in preparation for our upcoming basement-wasteland-becomes-paradise-playroom project, toys reappeared that haven't been seen in months.

Dude, look!  Letters! Numbers! It's like freakin' Christmas!

And with the balmy above-freezing temps, you know we broke out the whiffle ball bats and day-dreamed of baseball season.

Some of us may have perused last year's Red Sox
calendar, "Dey pway-in' baseball, too!"  

My life is full of change right now: the melting snow, the longer daylight hours, the hammering and sawing about to get started in my basement - I am most definitely in a period of flux. Now you know, my boys and I, we like our routines - so the next few weeks will be challenging, despite the utter bliss that comes with a completed home project and warmer spring weather. That's always the way it is though, right? The shifting and struggling during a period of transition - always worth it in the end.

How was your weekend?


  1. great pics love the bed head. dad and i discovered a great indian restaurant in framingham and the whole dinner he kept saying boy the girls would love this..hope you had a good weekend.

  2. looks like fun, love me some bedhead and footie pajama's, too. :)

    Personally, I relied on the kindness of friends while my husband put in some mandatory overtime, then enjoyed new foods we got from our local Asian grocery, including roasted duck - yum! :)

  3. From another momma who thrives on routine...I feel your pain. Fear not! Change means growth which I keep telling myself that's a good thing! Thinking of you - can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. Our weekend consisted of going up to the big city here in Maine (Portland) for a semi-pro (?) hockey game, the boys each having a friend in tow, then a sleepover. A morning of yummy homemade pancakes with fresh whipped cream and real maple syrup. The chickens were totally in awe of the "balmy above-freezing temps", and actually chose to spend most of their time (when they weren't running into the nests to lay an egg for us) sunning themselves. Washed some windows (and then stepped back and was amazed at how dirty they actually were), and discussed our plans to build on a third bedroom to our house, so the boys will each be able to have their own bedroom, thus making it past the ages of 6 and 9 without each disowning the other. It was a nice weekend.

  5. Ah, those periods of transition. I know them well! I'm eager to see what you do with your basement! We're catching up and trying to get back in the groove after the busy birthday weekend over here.

  6. Love the bedhead! Sammy and I attended a free military spouse event on Saturday (did I mention it was free?) and then I spent yesterday filing paperwork and getting all of our tax documents ready to drop off with our preparer while my friend kept Sammy entertained. Not that fun or exciting, but at least it was somewhat productive!

  7. God I love you guys - it just makes me so happy to read these comments :) thank you, each of you, for stopping by and writing something.