Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I'm linking up with the folks over at Beneath the Rowan Tree with a post about playtime.

My house is pretty much awash in a sea of toys and other household-items-being-used-as-toys i.e. kitchen utensils and random items snatched from the recycling bin.

Yes, he takes that spatula everywhere. "It's da magic wand!"

I have tried, with a moderate amount of success, to give my house over to living a play-filled life. Train-table-in-lieu-of-coffee-table? Check!

Perhaps consider removal of the diaper from the couch
before the photo shoot next time, Melissa?

Book case loaded with toys rather than, say, books? Check! Where are the books then, Bad Mama? Fear not, they are in a nearby bin for easier dumping and searching.

A rare moment of peace brought to you by the makers of Tag.

In the dining room I hung a felt "board" (really just a large square of felt, thumb tacked to the chair rail, sorry Hubs). Did you know felt sticks to itself? Just cut out some shapes and viola! Playtime!

Wonky hearts made by me - all other
items made my crafty mother-in-law.
Sure, I hope someday to live in a house where walking barefoot isn't a treacherous endeavor. Or where we might be able to go without the hideous seven-foot-long baby gate that blocks the fireplace. But for now, I try to accept the mess and acknowledge that play is my children's work - however messy it may be.

If you'd like to come play please join the playdate over at Beneath the Rowan Tree.


  1. that's one fab felt board!! We've got a little one (about A3) - but that one rocks - as do your MILs little felt animals :-)

  2. Wow! That's some creativity! Love the felt board- so simple.
    I wrote a couple blog entries a while back (the playschool teacher coming out in me) about activities for younger children- check them out if you want:

  3. I have learned to accept my "lived in" home. Love your ideas!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun! And I had no idea how much fun could be had with ordinary items. So much imagination at work there!

  5. What an excellent idea with the felt I am so going to have to use that one!

  6. love the felt board!

  7. My little brother used to do the same thing with a wooden spoon--he took it everywhere and it could magically transform into anything his little heart desired! I may have to copy your felt board idea--I love it!

  8. I love it!♥ Mess is so hard to accept for us moms, but you are totally right!