Thursday, March 17, 2011

Right now

As usual inspired by SouleMama and several other great bloggers...

Right now I am...

Typing in the bathroom once again.

No nap for me!

Thrilled that a beloved friend gets to go home after a hospital stay.

Watching the boys navigate the remaining snow banks and mud-paths to explore regions of the yard that have been unreachable for months.

Getting used to the sounds of hammers and saws.

And the scents of sawdust and spackle.

Daydreaming about paint chips, chalkboard paint, and kid friendly furniture for our playroom-paradise.

Wishing that our budget could give them the playroom of my daydreams.

Cheering the Red Sox, even though it's only spring training.

Wondering how many servings of oatmeal is too many for an 18 month old boy.  Three? Four?

Researching Irish recipes and slipping green food coloring into everything.

Watch out for Leprechauns! They're sneaky little creatures.

Looking forward to the weekend and some spring-ish weather.

Wishing you a great day - thanks for stopping by!


  1. When Livvy was three, she loved playing in the tub! And it gave me a respite as well. Wow, the playroom is coming along - that's great! Imagine how freeing it will be to say to the boys "go to the playroom now" and have the house to're so good about doing something festive for St. Patrick's day - I think because I don't have a hint of Irish blood, I tend to overlook the holiday...maybe I should make some Irish Soda Bread today :)

  2. happy st. pats to the household ..hope you have a good kisses and hugs for the beautiful boys from nana ..

  3. Oooh, Tonya, soda bread sounds good!

    And I also daydream about chalkboard paint - coolest idea ever!!

  4. It looks like the playroom project is going just great! I can't wait to see what you have in store for the space!