Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I am currently awash in a sea of beautiful produce from our local CSA. I love our farmer and each year that I am a member of the CSA I vow to use everything we get.

So far I have failed miserably, but each year I get a little better.

I imagine that I am not the only person in the world swimming in zucchini (and cucumbers... and kale) so today I made some vegetarian enchiladas and used up a big chunk of this weeks farm haul.

Here's the recipe!

First of all, make some salsa. Into the food processor:
3 large tomatoes
1/2 large onion
1 clove garlic
1 handful cilantro (stems and all!)
1 seeded jalepeno

Pulse until salsa-y  (it required 2 batches in my food processor). I strained this slightly before using it in my enchiladas - my tomatoes were very juicy and the salsa was watery.

Next make your filling. In a large skillet heat up some olive oil and saute:
3 medium zucchini (diced)
3 green peppers (diced)
the other 1/2 of that onion (diced)
1 clove garlic (minced)
2 tablespoons each: chili power, cumin, coriander
1tsp garlic powder and onion powder
salt and pepper
Cook until soft.

Finally, layer it up like lasagna
Into the bottom of a 13x9in baking dish place a layer of your salsa.
Cover with a layer of soft corn tortillas.
Cover that with your zucchini mixture (reserving about a cup)
Then add a layer of your favorite shredded cheese.
Finally another layer of corn tortillas, salsa and the remaining zucchini mixture.
Top it all off with a layer of cheese.

Bake at 400 for 20-30 minutes, until golden brown and bubbly.
Allow to cool for a bit before cutting, lest it be watery.

Cheesy, veggie goodness. 

This made for a very mild dish, next time I think I'll use the jalapeno whole and it will still be pretty mild.