Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Moments

Hey Gang,

Friday moments with Soule Mama again today. If you don't normally follow Soule Mama,  her hubs just had surgery so follow the link and send some well wishes.

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This week we returned to swimming lessons.  My slow-to-warm son was back to square one with a new instructor. The conversation went like this:
Delightful, cute, teenager: "Hey Bud! Want to come swim with me?"
Big boy: "No."
Me: "Umm. You'll probably just have to drag him in against his will. Sorry."

He looks eager to get in, doesn't he? Guess again.

The wee one was busy being alternately incredibly cute, and incredibly horrible. The tantrums have reached epic proportions.


We wished for sun-shiny days...

"It's stiw wainin'."

And settled for puddle stomping and golfing in the rain.

Check out the sweet fog rising off the snow.

And what did I do with my second session of at-home-with-no-kids? Well, I organized the out-of-season and out-of-size clothing piles of course. When it comes to children's clothes, the variation within a single size is enough to drive this mama absolutely stark-raving-mad. Check this out:

These three are all the same size.

But despite the clothing industry's attempt to foil my best organizing efforts, piles were wrangled into bins, bins were labeled and moved to storage. Success!

Thank you for visiting today - I hope you have something fun in store for the weekend?



  1. Funnily enough I had this exact ssame problem trying to buy clothes for *me* this week - the size variations among pairs of trousers in the same shop was enough to drive me insane!
    Hope the rain stops soon so your little ones can get out and run of some of that energy :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Love it! I too in my "free time" end up doing jobs like clothes sorting....

    Congratulations on getting them into bins!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I KNOW already about the clothes and their size variations! What bugs me more is things that are harder to eyeball like will it fir over her head and arms, which you can only find out the hard way and with much crying. Pooh.

    Poor big boy of yours. He'll adjust, though, I guess! Have a great weekend. :)

  4. Well done you, I really neeeeeeed to sort out out-grown clothes too ....
    Hope you have a really GOOD weekend!
    Gayle x

  5. Looks like quite a week! Kid-free time sounds like just the ticket.

    I love your captions, by the way. Sometimes they make me laugh aloud - thanks for that!

  6. Thanks for visiting my moment.
    We had snow last week, but its warming up. Your little guy wont have to wait much longer :)
    Funny about the swim lessons- my youngest is not crazy about swimming right now either.