Monday, March 28, 2011

Paint fumes

Hey Gang, how was your weekend?

Ours was spent painting and kid-wrangling with some absolutely great friends.

We went for this really great sky-blue color (my apologies to all of you who voted yellow) and it came out great - really perfect.

Just needs clouds.

As usual, we learned some important lessons which I am happy to share with you, beloved friends:

1) In order to calculate the number of trips you will be making to Home Depot in order to finish a home-related project follow this simple formula:
(# of rooms involved) + (# of children you have) + (# of HD employees you query regarding how much paint to buy) - (how many friends you can bribe into helping) = total HD trips

2) Ceiling paint has an uncanny knack of falling directly into your eyes while being applied to the ceiling. Invest in protective eyewear.

3) Drop cloths are overrated - that glob of paint falling from your roller will undoubtedly fall on the single square inch of un-drop-cloth-covered floor, no matter how painstakingly you drop-clothed the rest of the floor.

And there you have it.

In other news, despite the unseasonably cold weather, we went for a walk.

Of course, we took the hockey stick - you never
know when you might need it.

And, I was given the coolest gift EVER. After reading my recent book post where I confessed a love for some admittedly juvenile literature  a new friend came to my rescue and gave me ...

Embarrassing book camouflage!

Now I can take my juvenile literature to the gym without shame! Thank you!

Alrighty, gang - signing off for today.


  1. Oh, I need one of those book covers! Too many times I have carried a book around, deliberately turned so that no one could see the cover and judge my choice of reading. It looks like a good weekend for you!

    I got a blogging award and passed it on to you. If you're up to the task of writing a hopelessly self-indulgent post like the one I have up today, perhaps you'd like to accept? Ha.

  2. What a fabulously productive weekend. I love having friends over to help out with a big project. It's two birds with one stone...big project? check Visit and share good food with great friends? check Kudos to you girl. You rock on with your book cover! xoxo

  3. Totally laughing out loud about the HD so true!

    But Hooray for all of your great news -- great paint, great walk, great book cover.

    It is so fun to see the progress in the are going to love it!

  4. Looks so peaceful in that room now and you have the best tips ever!

  5. Thanks guys - So glad I'm not the only one who has to hide their book choice sometimes, and make numerous trips to the HD!! :)

  6. Oh gosh, we make SO many trips to HD (or their competition down the street) when involved in a project. The room looks awesome - when can we come over? ;-)

  7. Love the HD equation! For me, I double that number, due to the fact that I have a husband who LOVES HD a little too much. :)

    The room looks great!