Wednesday, March 23, 2011


As I come to you today, it is once again what-used-to-be-naptime but is now, unfortunately, a period of the day where I attempt to keep a three year old occupied and simultaneously attempt to do the one hundred thousand things clanging around on my to-do list.

Tired of tubbies, today he requested paints.

I'm really feeling frustrated and grouchy today.

But rather than rant about my frustrations - I thought I'd bring you up to speed on what's new with The Wee One.

He, too,  is disgruntled about winter's sudden reappearance.

He lives exclusively on "oh-meal" (oatmeal) and "wah-dur" and I am afraid he may develop Rickets or Scurvy  but - eh - he's a second baby so I don't worry all that much.

He is very  much enjoying the work in the basement, except that whenever he hears the sound of a power-tool he cries out, "Oil Tuck!" and runs to the window to see the oil delivery truck. Then he is confused and sad.

He loves to chase his big brother around, sticking his grabby-baby-hands into whatever it is The Big Boy is playing with.

You can run, big bro, but you can't hide.

He sings quietly to himself sometimes, and it's so cute I might actually die from some sort of cuteness-aneurysm.
From the living room, where he's crashing trains into each other, I hear,
"Tin-kull. Tin-kull. Id-doo stah. Hmm Hmm wha you ahh."
"E. I. E. I. O.  Moo-moo he-yah. Moo-moo dey-yah. E. I. E. I. O"
"Baa Baa Baa sheep. Baa Baa Baa."

Cute singer though he is, this Wee One is also troublesome. This morning, for example, I discovered the cuffs of his pants were soaking wet. Oh dear, I thought, where is the puddle? It was in the bathroom, where he had overturned the kitty's waterbowl and stomped around for while. Sigh.

His favorite word is "No" which makes for fun conversations,
"You want your water, Bud?"

Well there you have it - the inside scoop on our eighteen month old.
"Say Bye-Bye, Bud."


  1. You think 2nd gets a raw-deal? You should try 3rd. Showed up at gym creche today with choc sprinkle sandwiches, rice crackers and cocoa cereal in the lunch box - nothing but brown and white (sigh...I just wanted to pack things she would *actually* eat!!)
    I'm so glad your little one sings too! It just makes your day to hear their joy doesn't it?

  2. love the wee one give him big kisses from nana..(sneak in one for the big guy too)

  3. So cute and funny! I'm glad you take the time to write down what your kiddos say EXACTLY how they pronounce it. Scrumptious kids.

  4. Omg, my three year old does the "no" thing, too. Sometimes I feel like I'm ready for my PhD in reverse psychology.

    I love the singing, too cute!

  5. I need to see a video of the singing, stat. It will be my go-to pick-me-up on a bad day! :)

  6. I almost got a cuteness-aneurysm reading this post! The singing gets me too - i have a 2 year old. I agree with "L" - we need video! :) Oh, and just as annoying as "no", we get an "okay" for we can never truly figure out what it is he wants.

  7. Hehehehe, I wish I could have a day that I just say no to everything. Ahhh, that would be a lot of fun! The kiddo talk is still my favorite thing ever. I don't always 'get' what they are saying, but have fun trying to sound it out!