Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments with Soule Mama again today. Usually my Friday post is a quick and easy one to put together - my weeks are nothing if not filled with cute, humorous and/or chaotic moments, but this week - I'm feeling a little dry.

This week there have been lots of moments spent bearing witness to the storm of emotions that can rage within a three-year-old boy. There have been moments setting limits for him. There have been moments soothing him. There have been moments taking deep breaths and squeezing my eyes shut.  Sadly, those moments don't make for good photography.

So, what do I have to offer?

The snow has melted and we are back to crocus-gazing.

Don't touch. Do NOT touch. No touching!
Stop. Touching. Now.

The basement has walls again!

What do you think - light yellow? Or light blue?

Today, an infant toy was resurrected from the toy bin and utilized as a telescope.

"Dare's som-pin in dare, Mama."

What's in there, Bud?  Let me see.

"You in dare, Mama!" Wow. Did he really just outsmart me?

That's pretty much it for our week. It's been a bit of a long one, and I'm hoping next week might be a bit less tantrum-y. This has to let up eventually, yes?

I also want to say thank you for all the comments you guys have left this week. I haven't been able to respond as I normally like to - I'm devoting a lot of time and energy to the big boy, but I want you to know that I read and love each and every comment. They truly make my day - even when I don't have a spare second to say so. Thank you, Thank you - your kind, funny, thoughtful words mean the world to me, they really do.

I hope you've got a great weekend ahead of you - I think ours might be spent painting! Hooray! Umm. Did you want to come over and help?


  1. I've given up and started letting my almost-2-year-old pick whatever he wants.

    And I vote for light blue.

  2. light blue would be calming, but the yellow would feel sunny even when you're indoors :) tough call!
    Here's my moment:

  3. I love when old toys find new purpose! Cute moments!

  4. I agree about the yellow, very sunny and fun. Plus it'll hide the juice stains.

    Sorry it's been such a rough week for you, but here are two great things: You haven't set your child out on the curb with a "Free to good home" sign, and you'll be so prepared when your littlest turns three!

    Hope you have a restful weekend. :)

  5. Okay, firstly...nice one! top of the soulemama list - you were quick off the mark :-)
    Secondly - did he touch?? It looks oh soooo tempting!!
    And thirdly - yellow - blue would be too cold :-)
    have a great weekend Melissa

  6. Nicely done! There are those weeks sometimes, aren't there?

    You referred to the "storm" -- this post here has always helped me re-frame my job during the storm:

    And hooray for walls! I would go yellow, sunny and cheery.

    And congrats on the coveted #1 spot on Soulemama! ;)

  7. "You in dare mama" - okay, that is adorable! :-D

  8. It sounds like there have been some real challenges this week, but I'm sure you're storing up some of that trademark mama wisdom. You can expect me to come for it a couple of years from now, when mine turns three!

  9. I vote for yellow, too. Blue will make a basement feel too chilly and shadowy. Sounds like you could use some sunshine, anyway. Hang in there, Good Momma.

  10. yellow. It's my favorite. Visiting from Soulemama.

  11. Very sweet. Painting is on our list for this weekend. Also visiting from SouleMama.

  12. yellow paint, for sure. its my favorite color for a room. and oh so smart..."you in dare, momma"

    Jessica in Sacramento, CA

  13. I am so sorry to hear that it was such a rough week! I think all littles (and mama's alike) are ready for the spring to arrive and the cold weather to leave! It sure has been one heck of a winter here in lovely New England! Here's to hoping that the weekend is much better as is the week that follows! Our beautiful spring weather will be here soon (right?)!

  14. Another visitor from SouelMama. And a transplant in New England. With three and a half year old and younger one year old sons. So I hear ya! Must have been something in the air ;)

  15. Here's hoping this week is a less tantrum-y one for you! How was the painting? And which colour won? ;-) x