Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broken promise

Okay, I know I said yesterday I wasn't going to rant about the frustration I am feeling regarding my beloved three-year-old. Today, unfortunately, is another story.

This child is driving me absolutely nuts.

Beneath this sweet exterior, a tantrum lurks.

Today, while I tried to snap a few photos of the boys playing (relatively) nicely together:

I.e. not hitting, biting, head butting or screeching.

The big one pushed the wee one to the ground.

Dude, you took a photo while he pushed him to the ground? No! I was taking
a rapid fire sequence of photos when the pushing occurred.

No worries, the baby's fine.


But he did spend the rest of the afternoon clinging tenaciously to my pant-leg, fearful of another attack from pushy-big-brother.

There's that green hoodie again, Melissa.
I really like this green hoodie - get off me.
 This three-year-old business? Ugh. I've had about enough. Seriously.


  1. oh oh big boy in mucho trouble. keep telling yourself this will pass and beautiful man is on the other side..stay consistent with the no no's and he is a bright boy and will soon get it..thinking of you all you guys

  2. Oh boy... my three year old loves pushing my 18 month old around, then the little guy clings to my pants, too. It's awfully annoying, right? Mine won't leave each other alone- they follow one another, instigating fights. Fun, isn't it? :)

  3. How funny that you now have actual photographic proof of the big one pushing the wee one down!

    Your captions crack me up -- and make me realize that we all are totally in the same boat most days!

  4. Three year olds - egad! Much more challenging than two! My boys go between playing nicely (as they are doing right now) and pummeling each other, pointing finger-guns at each other with the essential sound effects (psht, psht, psht). Then there is the "you're stupid" "no, you're stupid" stuff.

    Ahhh, boys...