Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things I hate (2)

I hate it when the rhyming scheme in a children's book doesn't work. The kids look at me like I'm the moron. Dude, I didn't write the book.


I hate it when you change the clocks (freakin' daylight savings time) and the children refuse to participate. "It's five AM." I calmly explain. "No." they disagree, "It's six AM. Good morning. Will there be pancakes?"


I hate it when you suffer a poopy-diaper blowout so severe your child must come home from your trip to the gym naked, save for his coat.

He's like a baby flasher!

and his entire outfit, right down to the shoes, has to come home in plastic, diaper-disposal baggies. 

It was not pretty, folks.


  1. I just fix the rhyme scheme! Drives me crazy, too!

  2. wow poor coby ..hope he feels better really soon

  3. "Baby flasher" LOL.
    I enjoy your sense of humor.
    I hope your little guy got better as quickly as he got sick.


  4. I did the same exact thing in regards to baby flashing just the other son was in Physical Therapy and my daughter had a good one!