Friday, November 5, 2010


God, the clutter is getting to me today. It's EVERYWHERE.

I can't think straight when the house looks like this.

Check out my sweet photo editing!  Removal of a phone number from the whiteboard.

 Crumbs and dishes and sticky spots on the counters and floor.

I'll have you notice the open cabinet doors again. It's true! I never close them.

It even spreads up to our bedroom. 

Seriously, why is there a small collection of fans on my bureau?

So I went on a somewhat crazed tidying mission.

Irritated that I was giving up my two meager hours of freedom (i.e. nap time) to clean, straighten and organize, I grumbled as I set about the chores.

Until I put down the toilet lid and discovered this

Do not click on this photo to view it in a larger size, the bathroom is really dirty.

Surprise! Hi Mom!

And I laugh.

Come on! That's funny! Dude, what are you doing there, little green car?!

My grumbles disappear. I tidy up, but cut myself a break and leave the scrubbing and the laundry for another day and I head to the computer to share this little green car that cracked me up. 


  1. Thanks for my first laugh of the day! And I leave cabinets open all the time - it's one of the things my husband grumbles, I mean happily comments about.

  2. Derek and I are very impressed with your extremely advanced photo-editing skills! ;)

    I have never found a toy car behind the toilet seat, but I DID find an iphone in the tissue box once...take a guess who did that? (*Hint - its the one who chokes on his toothbrush!*) ;)


  3. Yeah I know I have mad editing skills - think I'll go apply for a job at The Enquirer or something :)

  4. I love the last one, ha ha ha, your pictures are so familiar to me ha ha ha

  5. That is so cute! Love those unexpected 'rewards' as a momma.