Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Mama Moments: The stomach flu

Warning: this post is accurately titled. We had the stomach flu over the weekend. So, if you're squeamish, go check out one of those kinder, gentler mommy-blogs listed over on the right.

Over the course of about 12 hours, the Wee One went from happy-go-lucky, ruling-the-playground status

Awesome hat
To miserable, puking, diarrhea and fever status.

It was nasty, and I, being a kind hearted sort of woman, will spare you the gory details. 

However, I am going to share the following details - which aren't too gross.

The perfect diarrhea outfit

What in the world is that poor child wearing? I hear you thinking. Let me explain.

This is the perfect outfit for diarrhea. This outfit is a throwback to my extremely-dedicated-to-cloth-diapering days (i.e. when I only had 1 child).

Those things on his fat little legs are called babylegsand are basically, very long leg-warmers. They allow for much more rapid diaper changes, which is oh-so-vital when you are changing your horribly grouchy toddler-turned-poop-manufacturing-facility every five minutes.

I also hear you gasping in shock and horror that I would utilize a cloth diaper during a time such as this, but let me tell you fitted cloth diaperscontain the uncontainable. So I either clean up after a disposable blow-out, or deal with a dirty cloth diaper (a process with which I am very familiar - I even have a sprayer attached to the toilet for just this use! TMI? sorry).

Awesome hat - yet again.

So I had half of this flu situation licked, man - I mean on the ropes! Seconds away from tapping out. But, alas, then the puking began.

There just is no way to neatly manage this situation. There is no warning! One second he's fine, the next second we both need a new outfit. And paper towels. Drag the trashcan over here and grab the swiffer again, will ya Hubs?

At least we kept him off the carpets.


  1. Sounds like total insanity - at least you and hubs were healthy enough to take care of them!

  2. I ditto MM's comment! I hope you guys didn't get it! Something's going around...

  3. Feel better sweetie! I think you need to write a book about all this so all of us wanna-be moms get the wake up call we need so we can be as strong as you when we hit situations like this!

  4. Thanks Christie that's a very kind compliment - I think you gotta laugh at this stuff or go stark raving mad.