Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks for the laugh

A few thank yous and some amusing photos

To the guy at the gym today who loudly dropped his weights, made a lot of grunting sounds, carried a gallon jug of Gatorade and stalked around breathing heavily, shrugging his shoulders and cracking his neck - I thank you. Your antics made my time on the hateful death machine treadmill pass much more quickly.

As far as protecting yourself from alien mind
control goes - I'd recommend tinfoil.

Another gym shout-out: To the lady who does an interpretive yoga dance while stretching - I thank you most heartily, it is your presence that brings me back to the stretching mat time and time again. PS - I totally think the dude with the gallon jug of Gatorade is checking you out.

The royal hand.

This one is sincere: To the lady in the grocery store who stopped me in my tracks to commend me as a mother because the big boy was happily gnawing a pear while we shopped - I sincerely thank you. Mothers never get raises or annual reviews - it's nice to get a pat on the back once in awhile. Even if it is from a somewhat intrusive weirdo in the baking aisle.

Totally awesome face.
This is why I am not a professional photographer

To myself: I put my cell phone in my back pocket and headed out to the yard to play with the kids. When the phone began to ring, the sound came from behind me so I ran back inside  - thinking I left it on the kitchen counter. When I got to the kitchen, the sound seemed to be coming from back out in the yard - so I dashed out through the garage, "What the heck? Where's that freakin' phone?". Twirling around in circles - the sound seemed to be coming from everywhere. Thanks for the laugh, dummy.


  1. love it you are such a nut..however i have done that with my cell too go don't feel bad ..particularly love b. head gear..think he has more protection than k and looks smarter too!!!that is why i don't go to the gym don't want any "skinny pretty young "girl"" laughing at me you stinker

  2. LMAO omg melisa TOO TOO funny!

  3. Thank you :) If I didn't laugh at this stuff, I think I'd loose my mind - M