Monday, November 15, 2010


What's motherhood like?
For me, it's finding a basting brush on the floor of my car.

That purple thing, behind/under the hat? That's a bowling pin.

It's losing my temper and becoming murderously outraged while searching the entire house, car and neighborhood for a binky. Only to find not one, but two stashed in my own purse, hours later.   

This one's for you, Liz - can you find the binkies in this photo?

It's eating macaroni and cheese (from the box) directly from the pan via a big blue serving spoon.

If I add peas and corn, this counts as a nutritionally balanced meal.

It's a sock on a hand

Instead of a foot.

It's learning to choose my battles.

Eh, who cares? It's non toxic.

And enjoy the moment.

It's chaos and frustration. It's smelly and dirty. It's exhausting.

It's nothing like I expected.

Photo by Auntie Kelly. Go Pats!


  1. Awww, all the frustration and effort, all the rewards and love. Darling!

  2. Missy: it is SO refreshing to read your posts and to suddenly feel as though I'm not alone in this crazy journey! Thanks for sharing! Keep on keeping on ...

  3. Thanks guys! You make my day xo