Friday, November 12, 2010


Tuesday evening was cold and rainy here. It had been cold and rainy for I don't know how many days - bad weather days just seem to blend together into a cranky blur of playing in the garage, going to the library and taking unnecessary trips to Target.
So, around 4:30 my pent-up two year old and I suited up with jackets, hats, and rubber boots and headed for the yard - despite the dark, dreariness, and rain.

My view from just inside the garage, trying (and failing) to stay dry.

I'm not gonna lie. I was cranky. I did NOT want to go out into the rain. I wanted to be curled up on the couch with a book and some tea, but my beloved toddler is a bit like a golden retriever (a BIT I said! Yeesh! Don't look at me like that. It's not like I make him sleep in a crate or anything.) He just really needs a lot of run-around time, that's all. So, out we went. One of us delightedly skipping, the other grumbling and muttering.
Not even the rain can get him down.

At one point while I am jumping up and down flapping my arms to entice the motion sensor light to turn back on, I notice he is literally running circles around me, playing "hockey" with a golf club and a whiffle ball, laughing maniacally and having the time of his life.

The kid has some serious stick-handling skills.

And suddenly, I catch myself (mid-jumping-jack) laughing, too.  I want to be miserable. I have every reason to be miserable, but instead I'm laughing. This kid, this funny, happy boy - he breaks through to me sometimes. This is fun Mom, if you'd stop your complaining long enough, you'd see it, too.

Proof - me, smiling in the rain.

I see it, Bud. It may take me a minute, but if you show it to me - I can see it, too. 


  1. what a fun mum you are!! my moment is about the rain...but I'm not happy - I want my sunshine back!! :-) have a great weekend xxx

  2. wow what a great blog this morning..liz seems to have picked up that same sentiment sense in being miserable WHAT DOES THAT GET YOU?? better just to laugh your way throught the harder times..hope you both continue on that road it is right in line with your Irish roots..

  3. Ha ha! I tried to send the boys out into the garage this past week too. I even swept it out, but no go. Too cold and dank. We have had perfect "wrap up in a blanket and read a book days" haven't we? B will have wonderful memories of his "silly fun mommy."

  4. Aww what a beautiful post! Being a golden retriever mom I cracked up at the comparison.. if kids are anything at all like goldens then I want about 15 of them. So glad to see you smiling!!

  5. Ohh every body like raining :) I like your smile. And your boy is so cute.

    Regards from a peruvian via soulemama