Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks

I wanted to write a post about gratitude. Something about how transformative it can be to take note of all your blessings.  

Blessing one.

Blessing two.

I tried to write it. I really did.

But I just wasn't feeling it. Dirty dishes abound.  The laundry has become a crisis of epic proportions. I had to wear dirty shorts to the gym today because I couldn't find any clean ones. Our dinner (homemade pizza) stuck to the cookie sheet.The kids are testy. I am surly. No one's napping or eating vegetables.

As I attempted to mentally compose a post about gratitude I tried to remind myself how good I have it. I have healthy children. My husband and I are healthy, our household is stable.  I am reminded every day that these are not blessings that I should take for granted.  Everyone I know is facing some sort of serious crisis.

This attempt to drum up some gratitude backfired quite spectacularly. I began to compare myself to everyone else in my life, who all seem to be rising to life's challenges like a spectacular flock of phoenixes, while I can't even stay of top of the laundry without complaining.  

So I tried to start smaller. What exactly am I grateful for?

Fat baby hands.

I am so grateful that people come here to read. And the comments, Oh the comments - either here or on facebook - they brighten my day, ease my mind and happy-up my heart.

Binky's. Oh! And hats! A two-fer!
I am grateful for coffee. Oh ye nectar of the gods.

The power of toddler concentration - when used for good.
Let us not forget mashed potatoes and gravy in T minus 24 hours or so.

The wee one's ability to back-off a full grown man with just
the power of his voice, and threatening wee baby hands.

There you have it - Gratitude. Dug out from my somewhat dirty, smelly and frustrating life.  That sort of was going to be my point anyway. It's there if you look for it. Sometimes you have to start small, and look really hard - but it's there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and you, and you. Thank you for coming here and reading.


  1. Great post. I think you said it all! And coffee - oh yes, definitely thankful for coffee...

  2. I am wicked thankful for the green racing in your DH's pants. I am also thankful for you, wine, cell phones, tivo and antidepressants. In that order. Oh, yeah and my kids. DH, too (I suppose) Cheers!

  3. That's right! Start small when looking for blessings. I have to remember that, because most of my greatest annoyances are small, too. Like yours: supper sticking to the pan, no one eating vegetables. If small annoyances are enough to catch my attention, then small blessings should also. :) Happy Turkey Day, American neighbour.

  4. Lizzy - AWESOME comment. I too am thankful for green racing stripe and rockin' sister bff's.

    R&T - thank you! I completely agree - start small :) enjoy the weekend!

  5. great blog today..always worked for me to think of the small stuff when it was hard to be and i are very lucky. we have two great daughters that have brought nice husbands and beautiful grand kids into our life..have a great turkey day and kiss the boys and the green racing stripe hubby for me..

  6. what a delightful post! ooo, squishy fingers are the best!
    happy thanksgiving from australia...hope you had a great day! xxxCate

  7. Thank you Cate - It absolutely makes my day to have a bloggy friend from Australia! Thanks for leaving a comment :)