Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It's been a weird winter here, yes?

Temperatures all over the map - warm, then arctic, then warm again.

We've had a little snow, a bit of ice, and lots of rain.

The robins and the geese are confused - flying back and forth Canada? No, Florida! Wait, Canada? Definitely Florida!

The squirrels look like furry sumo wrestlers - having put on their winter blubber weight but then not having to face ... well ... winter. Food has not been scarce, and they have certainly not had to struggle to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Anyway, this ain't national freakin' geographic, Melissa. Get to the point.

The point is that Hubs is not letting this wishy-washy winter stop him from winter activities.

You know we've been hitting the trail for long walks. 

He's also been taking our big boy to the local outdoor ice rinks for "hockey".

Mostly our big boy walks around in his sneakers, but last weekend he managed to get his skates on.

Sorry for the insane flash - this moment only lasted a
second or two. 

We may not be buried under a foot of snow at the moment, but it's still winter here in good ole NH, and Hubs is making sure our kids enjoy it.

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  1. everyone asking the same question ..where is the winter? don't ask too loud or we may find it..he he..love the "potential new bruin" he looks awesome..