Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Spring" Cleaning

I have done some major purging and reorganizing around here lately.

We had a few unseasonably warm days and I think it may have triggered Spring Mode in my medulla oblongata or something.


Nothing was safe. Shoes, purses, clothes, books - it all came under the radar.

While purging, I discovered a bunch of interesting things about myself.

Once I got rid of all the clothes I never wear, my closet has more than enough room for everything.

Neat closets make my heart happy.
Things I got rid of:
* a pair of "clubbing pants" from college
* a dress I wore in 1999 to a college awards ceremony
* a purse with a coupon inside from 2001

I did make progress with the shoes.
Really. I did. 
The truth:
* I own seven pairs of flip-flops and three pairs of black flats
* I'm pretty sure those birkenstock knock-offs are over ten years old. 

On to my "office"

Yes I sit on a stool while I work. No, it's not comfortable. 

While purging my "office" area. I came to the conclusion that although I do dearly love Mr. Stephen King, I do not need to own his entire collection of writings. He's never going to stop by and be impressed.

Here is the stack of books that came off the bookshelf and
on to my nightstand for reading.

I also got new nightstands thanks to beloved Miss Kristin, but I didn't get a chance to take a photo.

I also can't take a photo of the under-the-sink bathroom cabinets I purged and organized with little plastic shelving units. But let me tell you - they're pretty sweet.

I am really feeling "less is more" right now.

I feel like I'm making some elbow room in my existence. I quickly noticed that the things which are surrounding me and not representative of me anymore.

I may not exactly be sure what does represent me, but I know for a fact it isn't black pants from 1998 or 30 paperback novels I read in high school.

It feels good to make some space, some breathing room. 


  1. always a good feeling to get rid of the fluff..good job.

  2. Great job on the binging and purging! You've got me inspired to start tackling our closet!