Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentines

Happy Valentine's day, Gang.

Yesterday we had a "Valentine's Social" at the Big Boy's preschool.

In a classic Bad Mama Moment, on the way to the party, I realized that Valentines would be required at the, ahem, Valentine's Social.

Here's an accurate description of my face upon realization:

Dang it!
Anyway, the Wee One and I made a rapid dash to CVS. 

Valentines were folded and labeled in the parking lot of the preschool, making us, of course, late. 

But it was fine.

Someone got spoken to by one of the
preschool teachers for running. 

Handling these two boys at a social event is a bit like herding cats. 

We made a rapid exit.

Largest expanse of kissable cheek surface area,
in the world. 
When I was a kid, my mom used to leave Valentine's gifts in the mailbox for me to find on my way home from school. 

I remember vividly that one year it was a box of chocolates and we went home and stuck our thumbs in the bottoms, eating only the good ones, while watching soap operas. 

She didn't let me down this year either - she sent my dad up with a cake and M&Ms for the boys. 

They were psyched. 

What do you mean, no more M&Ms?

Today I hope to appreciate all the love in my life, in a completely non-commercialized way (back off, Hallmark). 


  1. Okay, Melissa, you outdid me - I forgot to send Valentine's AND forgot to remind my mother-in-law to go to the social (I had my big day for my library media certification yesterday and needed to teach a class to a bunch of 8th graders about John Adams). So little Owie was ALONE at the social (bad mama!) I hope he doesn't need too much therapy ;)

  2. happy valentines day from your first "secret admirer"love you guys a big bunch..talk to you soon