Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's recap

We took the Big Boy to his 4 year physical yesterday.

He was not exactly  cooperative.

But we did manage to weigh him, measure him, get through the eye exam, physical exam and vaccination.

Success, in my book.

Both boys earned new Thomas the Tank Engine toys for their good behavior at the doctor's office. 

Then they proceeded to fight over James, the red engine, for the remainder of the day. 

Check out the number of layers I am wearing in this photo.
Black tank top, blue t-shirt, peach fleece, and hand-knit shawl from beloved sister. 

The remainder of our Valentine's day included pizza and rolls from Bertucci's, a lovely bouquet of red roses, and a fab new organic maple beer enjoyed while watching the Bruins.

And reading books of course. Well, reading the same book.

Hey Hubs, remember when Valentine's day meant candlelit dinners and long conversations? Yeah, me too. 

But, whatev. Vaccinations, pizza, and the adventures of Gus the Firefly are just as sweet. 

Hope you had some sweetness in your day as well.

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  1. sounds like the only downers in that day were shots for the big one and that damn bruins game ..they sure are having a problem this sounds awesome as well as the pizza and trust me you will remember this valentine's day as fondly as the candlelight ones..i know i you guys