Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gender Stereotypes

Here's what happens when your cousins are girls and you need to borrow some outdoor clothes ...


The Big Boy went for a slightly more understated look. Pink patriots hat and vest with pink logo.

Do they make girl's clothing that isn't pink?

Even when you get your own coat and hat, you still have to ride a pink and purple bike.

It might be pink, but I can still ride like the wind. 

And you might have to ride a pink bike while pushing a pink ride on toy that your younger brother has abandoned.

Always cleaning up his brother's messes. 

And then there's the one thing that unifies children of all ages and genders. 


Pink shovel? Really? Come on toymakers.

Somehow she managed to snag the only non-pink outerwear in the entire house.
Though, I wasn't going to call her on it, she's a formidable one. 

Happy Tuesday.


  1. great pics sent them to bumpa..i think he looks good in pink!! have a great day..love,

  2. That first pic cracks me up, mostly because the expression on his face just says, "Really?!?" But I'm with you--colors don't have a gender so it would be really nice if we could get a bit more variety in our choices for our kids. Not all boys like navy blue and grey and not all girls like pink and purple!