Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Babies Babies Everywhere

A beloved cousin had her baby yesterday. (Congratulations!)

I think that's probably the best thing about Facebook - I get to see this little love's face instantly.

He's super cute.

Yesterday, while at the library there was a mama with her two week old baby girl. So cute. 

I congratulated the mama on her awesome status (at the library with older child and baby, fully dressed, no baby puke visible anywhere, awake).

The proximity of all these babies makes a mama think.

My babies are so big. 

I said to the Wee One yesterday, "Good morning, baby one" (that's what I call him, "baby one").
And he says, "I'm not a baby! I'm a yiddle boy!".
And I said, "You're right, Bud, you are a little boy, but you'll always be my baby one".
And he countered with, "No".
Touche, little guy, touche.

Now don't get yer knickers in a twist - there's no 3rd baby on the horizon for this little family - but sometimes a mama gets wistful, you know?

For me, it has been some of the longest, hardest, most humbling days of my life - but at the same time - I blinked and it's over - they're big boys now.

Not a shred of babyhood to be found anywhere, except in a mama's memory.

Congratulations, cuz - smell that baby's head for all us wistful mama's, okay?

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  1. really taps into the feelings of all us moms ..remember you were my baby you kisses to the little guys too..