Thursday, February 2, 2012

The view from here

Did you know it's February already?


Don't get me wrong - nothing makes me happier than slow and steady progress towards spring, but time just seems to be flying lately.

So let's pause and take a look around at where we're at right now. 

The Big Boy got a hair cut.

This face is priceless, no?

As usual, the hair cut was not, shall we say, a delightful experience. There was crying and gnashing of teeth and generalized horror and mayhem, but we survived.

And the result is so darn cute it's totally worth the tears.

In other news, both children have discovered the joys of the telephone.


Having a telephone conversation with the Wee One is absolutely priceless for two reasons:
1) He has the attention span of a gnat.
2) He has that classic male brain-mouth connection - so anything that goes through his brain, comes out his face.

A typical conversation with the Wee One (I have no idea what Grammy was saying):
"Hi Gwammy!"
"We watchin Thomas!"
(Painfully long and awkward silence where he is distracted by a dust mote and leaves the phone dangling by his side.)
"Hi Gwammy!"
"No! Dat's MINE!" (Tug of war ensues with the Big Boy over one toy or another)
"Hi Gwammy!"
"Kin Kin Kin Kin Kin Kin (he's been stuttering lately) Kin you read a book?"
(And then the coup de grace - with some prompting)
"I wuv you! Bah-bye!"

The Big Boy on the other hand loves to make plans.

"We come ovah your house tomowoah, okay?" 

Good, good, stuff. 

Okay, now that we've taken a good luck around - I feel more comfortable welcoming February. 

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