Monday, February 20, 2012

Wine Making

This weekend some of my co-workers and I were treated to a "team building" activity by our employer.

We went wine making and then out for dinner.

Wine Making Step One: Enjoy the scenery.

Mmmm wine.

Wine Making Step Two: Decide White or Red?

Kitty flavored wine.
Don't tell PETA.

Wine Making Step Three: Look at these cute corks!

Wine Making Step Three: Tasting. 

Go ahead, try to get 9 women to agree which one they like best. 

Wine making Step Four: Add grape juice to a bucket on the floor  primary fermenter.

Mmm grapey. 

Wine Making Step Five: Add water. 

Whilst stirring. 

Wine Making Step Six: Add clarifying agent (looks like kitty litter). 

Vigorous stirring!

Wine Making Step Seven: Add yeast!

Our favorite microbe.

Wine Making Step Eight: Seal up bucket  primary fermenting vessel and top with an air lock. 

Bubbles = success! 

Now, in 6 weeks we go back for bottling. 

Go little yeasties, go!


  1. looks like fun would have loved to try it myself..leave it to you to make wine with "cute " cork in it..he he love,

  2. Now that's a team-building exercise I could totally get behind!