Thursday, February 9, 2012

1:1 time

Yesterday a change in schedule allowed me to have a chunk of time to dedicate to hanging with the Wee One.

We dropped the Big Boy off at school then we went to the bank and the consignment store (where he earned a cool wooden car for good behavior while I dug through the racks for his big bro).

Then we came home and for ninety minutes I dedicated myself to providing him my undivided attention.

He always has to share me with his bro, so I decided to sit on the floor and give him some 1:1 time.

And little dude did not miss his opportunity, it was a jam-packed 90 minutes.

First, a snack.

"Kin I have a waffle?"
"Sure, Bud."

Then, hide-and-seek. 

Hey, bro - that waffle just isn't providing adequate cover. 

And of course, we read books. 

Okay, well we read our one Thomas the tank engine book 5 times in a row. 

"Toot toot"

Then there was spinning in circles and demolition of block towers. 

Busy, busy morning. 

I think 1:1 time ought to be a little bit more of a priority. 

Our life is full, full, full - but I think we can make room for some more undivided attention.


  1. good job know what it is like being the youngest..i'll bet he was thrilled..kisses for both of you

  2. Nothing like some mommy & me time to start the day off right!