Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Epic Fail! Part 3! Including fire!


Another installment of Bad Mama's Epic Fails!

This time, our adventure includes fire. 

And for added suspense, this episode will be posted in installments! (The natives are up early - I'll try to get the whole story posted today, but - we'll see.)


Just about a lifetime ago, Hubs and I were living in a cute little apartment.

It was his birthday, and I decided to make him his favorite dinner - turkey burgers and oven fries.

We had a wee little hibachi on our wee little porch for the burgers - but the burgers, my friend, the burgers were not the problem.

It was the fries.

To make oven fries, one slices potatoes into fry shape, tosses them with olive oil and seasonings, places them onto a cookie sheet, chucks them into a hot oven, and flips them over after 20 minutes or so.

What could possibly go wrong?

Check back later for Part 2.

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  1. oh no this sounds like a bad cooks moment ..looking forward to part 2 hope all turned out ok..love you guys