Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plowing through.

Well guys, I'm not gonna lie - I'm still feeling pretty funky over here. And I don't mean in the getting-your-groove-on kind of way. I mean in the grouchy, exhausted, irritable, restless, listless kind of way.

I wish I had some uplifting experience to report, where the kids and I played merrily with the train set and suddenly I felt happy and whole again, but that just ain't the truth. And that's okay. This is my experience of motherhood. Sometimes I feel down, and I just soldier-on until I'm feeling better. I'm hoping that by talking about it here, I'll feel less guilty about it. Because certainly, adding guilt on top of feeling down already won't help anything.

Not to suggest that I'm taking this lying down. I'm still exercising, knitting, and working the cookies and tea, but today I added a few more weapons to the feel-better-arsenal.

You know I went to the kitchen and put something good in the soup pot.

Soup beans, brown rice, and cheddar corn bread muffins.

Then I dressed the big boy in his Superman footie pajamas. Seriously, if this doesn't make me laugh, nothing will.

To the rescue!

Next, I ignored the mess and tried to celebrate the developmental milestone of successful-solo-spoon-usage.

Hooray, now let's change your clothes and clean up
 the floor, the table, and the wall.

And then in a moment of supreme motivation, I began to tackle this mess in the basement, in preparation for our remodel-the-basement project.

Anyone need a gift box, or two? Or seven?

Organizing and getting rid of unused stuff always makes me happy. Although I am a bit ashamed to admit there were no less than twenty-five empty gift boxes in this pile. Twenty-five? Yep. I told you, you better watch me or I'll end up on that show, Hoarders.

Thank you for all the kind, understanding, and commiserating comments. You guys rock.


  1. Have you thought about popping down to your gp and getting your iron levels checked? Low iron and/or B12 levels always makes me feel pretty low and exhausted.
    It couldn't hurt to check...
    Hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. i agree with cate a nice b12 might be just what you need. check it out..your food made me feel really hungry going for some breakfast before heading off to work. wish i could have soup and muffin for lunch

  3. that is a good idea cate, wouldn't hurt to check the thyroid levels, too. smart girl :)

  4. Oh boy do I know about those plowing through days! It looks like you're doing a fine job of it :) Superman pajamas surely help, and it's always exciting to have milestones to celebrate, too! Wishing you health and energy!

  5. Hey there! I've been reading your blog for a while, but have never posted before. Boy do I know what you mean by a funk. That's exactly what I call them too. A handful of cashews a day is said to help with the symptoms of funks, also niacin, niacin, niacin. I learned these from the documentary "Food Matters". Whenever I'm in a funk, I keep telling myself 'peaks and valleys'. It takes the valleys to make the peaks higher. Good luck!

  6. MJ - Thank you :)those pj's man - they rock :)
    Treehugger - Thanks for commenting - I usually have almonds as my morning snack, but I'll give cashews a try. You're right "peaks and valleys" we wouldn't appreciate the good without the bad

  7. Keep truckin on mama! You are so not alone, I often go through this as well. oxox

  8. Ok, I know I'm an Auntie, nut OMG those kids are CUUTE!