Thursday, February 3, 2011

Up and down

The wee one and I thank you all for your well-wishes.  Last night, he was a pretty sad sight to behold.

For dinner: "pop-sah-coe"

This morning however, after 2 doses of antibiotics and a good night's sleep - he was back to his old self. Even his eye was gunk-free. Ah, the miracles of modern medicine.

In non-health related news - we've got a metric ton of snow.  Here's a picture of our back yard. Where's that little path we dug go? Why, to the generator of course. One can never be too careful.

The snow is so high the swings on the playset are buried.

The icicles just keep growing and growing. As does my fear that I will be pierced through the skull by one.

You didn't know an icicle could kill you?

Inside the house, the blankie-bandit is keeping us all entertained.

"Mama will wear one." he says.

We survived the storm, weathered another day snowed in together, and everyone's health seemed to be improving, it all seemed to be going swimmingly - until tubby time, when a rash was discovered on the wee one's legs.  Potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to the antibiotics? Could be. Guess I'll be doing Q15 minute checks on him until the sun rises. Who needs sleep anyway?


  1. wow tough day in n.h. keep your chins up this too will pass...wee one looks better hopefully no problems with meds keep me updated..

  2. Gotta love those mysterious rashes. With four, I tend to lean toward the side of "if they are not bleeding profusly, they will be fine - I'm not paying another freaking $20 co-pay."

  3. Ha! I truly love your kids' accents, the way you type their quotes phonetically!
    Sorry to hear that these health problems are just going on and on. How exhausting. Doesn't it make you wish for spring even more? I always have this vague feeling that in spring, we'll all have perfect health and tons of energy- as if it's related to the sun, somehow.

  4. So glad your wee one is feeling better, thought that rash sounds bothersome! Sending healing wishes your way! Wish I could take some of that snow off your hands, too!

  5. Glad to hear he is getting better. Hope the rash goes away soon. My daughter had a case of a mystery rash a few weeks ago. I was worried because it kept popping up all over body and then going away if she didn't scratch it. Luckily, it went away by itself.

  6. So glad all of you are on the mend! The sick days can be so hard!