Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Right now.

Inspired by SouleMama's post on monday. That mama never fails to inspire this mama.

Right now I am...

Eating popcorn for lunch. Yum.

Listening to the fuzzy hum of two quiet baby monitors. Bliss.

Proud to have finished up two recertifications for work this  month. See you in two years!

Craving something ooey, gooey, and chocolate. Hello, Betty Crocker.


Loving all the remarkable, kind, awesome people who leave comments on this here blog. You rock!

Thankful for the snazzy lip gloss my trendy friend sent me as a pick-me-up. Yes, I know - I am so blessed.

Sometimes, I'm a lucky girl.

Enjoying the respite from sub-zero temps. California dreamin' on such a winter's day.


Sending healing thoughts to a few people who are struggling - some who are close to me, and some who I've never met.

Reading a few great books The 9th Judgment (Women's Murder Club) and The Girl Who Played with Fire. Oh good, good stuff.

Thinking about what to have for dinner. Stir-fry, I do believe.

Dreaming about having a real, in-the-ground garden this year. No more plants-in-pots for this mama.

Requiring a cup of tea. Better finish up here and put the kettle on, those monitors aren't going to be quiet forever.

What are you up to at this very moment?


  1. Sounds like a good day - I am discovering the joys of popping my own popcorn on the stove - anything you can drizzle butter over personally is better than butter-flavored snacks!

  2. We use a Whirley Pop to make popcorn. We got it at Beans. So easy!

  3. And I can't remember - were you asking me about the Pajama Jeans before? Well I got them and they're fantastic, big thumbs up. If it wasn't you ... whoops!

  4. Great post .... and very inspiring to THIS mama in turn!

  5. I am:
    wondering- what ooey, gooey, chocolate goodness you concocted in that pot

    listening- to nothing and loving it (naptime over here)

    trying- to convince myself to work out after naptime

    thinking- about making your chicken marsala for dinner tomorrow night

    realizing- I have seen that spatula before..your own or did you steal Beckett's?

    loving- to read your witty, honest, oh so humorous blog :)

  6. Hey Melissa, I have no idea why I have a lot of letters and numbers as a username but this is Kelli and that was my post above. Will have to try to figure it out..

  7. Kelli! HILARIOUS comment - I totally sniped B's spatula! Caught red handed :)