Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments with Soule Mama again. If you have a moment or two to share, please leave a comment with a link.

This week there were lots of moments.

Good moments and bad moments. Cuddles and tantrums. Ups and downs, as always.

There were brotherhood moments.

Look! They are within striking distance and not hitting each other!

And more brotherhood moments.

It's no wonder they hit each other, they spend far too much time together.

There were gravity-defying-static-hair moments.

Go ahead, touch me - just be sure you're wearing rubber soled shoes.

There were frustrating mama moments...

Anyone seen my water bottle?

There were mama-saved-the-day moments...

Umm, hello there. Is that daddy's work-badge?  Gimme.

And then there was this heartbreakingly beautiful father-son moment.

"I kween-in up wif Daddy."
And dude, don't mention this to anyone - but we appear to be healthy. Shh! Don't go blabbing all over town.

I hope your week was filled with good moments (and pizza). Thanks, as always for stopping by. Happy Friday to you!



  1. glad you are healthy (shhh) - and love that hair!!
    funnily enough I called my {this moment} post 'cuddles and tantrums' so it sounds like we had similar weeks :-)
    have a great weekend

  2. Glad there were some fight-free moments! I don't seem to captured any moments this week, naughty me, but looking forward to the moment tomorrow when the children and I walk through Arrivals and see my Mum!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Gayle x

  3. Love the pixs. Tyler saw the pixs and smiled behind his binky.

  4. have i told you this week that i love your blog. makes me feel like i am part of those little boys life..thanks for sharing...

  5. Your secret is safe with me! :) Looking forward to the day that we are in the same boat! Just don't seem to be able to kick whatever it is that we've been battleing!

    Love your moments this week and I love that the boys are supporting one of our home teams! :) Go Bruins! :)

    Our moment comes from Em's third birthday celebration on Monday. Such joy!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great moments!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. We are on the rollercoaster too, must be something to do with toddlers!

  8. Your boys are adorable!! Glad you had some good moments. Have a great weekend!

  9. "They are within striking distance and not hitting each other" -- totally made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love the brotherhood moments. So sweet.

  11. Mmmm, pizza. :)

    I love the snow shoveling pic!

    As whiny as my week as been, it's been a good one. This morning, the oldest is pushing the youngest around on his truck, and now they are finger painting.

  12. siblings are so great. i LOVE the static hair picture. thanks for stopping by my blog. hugs.

  13. Awesome photos!
    Here is a walking moment:

  14. Oh my goodness, how sweet are your boys. My favorite picture is the one where your sons hair is sticking all up from the static. Hilarious and adorable :)

  15. Looks like a fabulous week! Love the mama saves the day moment. Annabelle, too, always manage to get ahold of things she shouldn't have. I had to dash out of the store in embarrassment this week when I realized my debit card what not in my wallet, to search the car where I found it very near her car seat :)