Monday, February 28, 2011


Happy Monday!


Hmn. Let's try again.

It's Monday!

Still nuthin'?

Alright, fine. It's Monday.

How was your weekend?

It was a big weekend at our house - the children ate something nutritious! Quick, someone call our pediatrician! Photographic evidence:

Apples! Yes! Vitamins! Fiber! Nutrition!

Then we rocked some serious post-nap-hair.


Then there was this brief moment where we forgot to put our pants on.

We did not, however, forget our "Bwoo-ins" hat.

So, the other day the big boy told me in no uncertain terms, "I want to stand up and pee in the potty." The resulting mess required a rather thorough cleaning of the toilet and surrounding walls. While scrubbing back there, I couldn't help but notice that the rest bathroom had reached a rather alarming state of not-so-cleanliness.

So this weekend, I triumphantly gathered a plethora of cleaning supplies, and cleaned the bathroom.

With help.

Thanks, Bud.

What can I say? It's totally awesome here.


Did I mention the pulled pork simmering away in the crock pot?


  1. looks like a pretty good weekend ..hope the potty training continues keep up the good work and i can taste that delicious pork in the crock pot i'll bet it was delish

  2. Thank you for the smiles. Love the hair.

  3. pulled pork sounds great! I like to no-pants shot. :)

  4. I absolutely L-O-V-E your wit in your writings. Keep up the fabulous work!! :)

  5. Love that hair! Good luck with the potty training. That's great that he asked, what a great first step. The pulled pork sounds awesome.

  6. Standing to pee in the potty. Yes. This is very important to boys, for some reason. Oh well...
    Next lesson will be to teach him how to clean the floor and surrounding walls...:)

  7. Hooray for a clean bathroom! Accomplishments like that are to not be taken lightly (I certainly don't here!)

    Have a great week!

  8. Thanks guys
    claudine - glad I'm not the only one who counts cleaning the bathroom as an accomplishment!!
    r&t - Genius!
    Crock pot pulled pork was delish - secret ingredient? root beer!