Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday moments, as usual, with SouleMama. If you have some moments to share, please leave a comment with a link.

Sadly, we're back on antibiotics over here. The big boy's got an ear infection, so it was popsicles for lunch again one day this week.

A popsicle makes everything better, no?

Despite his healthy-baby-status, you can't  break out the "pop-sah-coes" without even distribution.

Check out that sweet cowlick he's workin' on the left side of his head.

Then one night we had an indoor hockey tourney - complete with appropriate headwear.

Hat + wooden spoon + soccer ball = hockey.

And (sensing a theme here?) the wee one was not to be left out of the festivities.

Striped hat. Striped shirt. Grey sweats. Tigger socks.
What? It's a sweet outfit.

Oh yeah, and we mustn't overlook the wee taste of spring we've been blessed with. Fifty degrees in New Hampshire, in February? Ditch the coats, man. That's downright balmy!

Cuz we loves us some sunny weather.

You, on the other hand, wee baby - you need a coat. Yeah, I know your bro's not wearing his coat, but I don't care - I'm the mama and I make the rules.

Keep all three wheels on the ground there, Evil Kenevil.

That's it, Gang. Our week in review. Not bad considering we've been blessed with another ear infection. Hope your week a good one. Yes? No? What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Those little ones just won't be left out of anything!! We've had pear juice icypoles in our house this week...and little meerkat has *demanded* one everytime (even though she only sucks on them for about 2 minutes and then drops them somewhere inconvient!!
    you sound like things have levelled out a bit for you?? how are you travelling this week?
    have a great weekend

  2. poor bears! feel better soon, guys! and yes, popsicles are medicine in their right.

    happy weekend to you and your family!

  3. There may have been antibiotics at yours this week but those are smiley, happy little fellows!
    Happy weekending.
    Gayle x

  4. Hope they feel better soon! Everyone is warming up lately. Warmth and snow, I like that combo.

  5. I tagged you back...I like your blog, especially the book section! I'm now a follower.
    L McWilliams

  6. happy weekend love the pics..they look pretty good for ear infection..spring will be here soon..hoping to get the wild woman outside to run off some steam too..i am on babysitting duty today wish me luck..

  7. Another ear infection? Yeeesh! Hasn't the weather been wonderful! Smells like spring!

    Here's our moment:

    Happy weekend!

  8. what absolutely magical smiles.
    hope everyone is on the mend.

  9. You take the cutest pictures of your little ones!! Hope the ear infection passes quickly so you can enjoy the nice weather!

  10. Oh man! I hope the ear infection goes away quickly. He looks like a trooper!

  11. Love it!
    Here is mine:

    (visiting from Soulemama)

  12. Your little guys are adorable!

  13. Those winter months sure can be tough on the immune system! I hope this ear infection is the last of it for your boys!

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Love this-can I link to your blog for this little poem? Its such a good reminder for those 'bad Mummy' days!
    visiting from Soule Mama

  15. Oh your poor boy- ear infections really are nasty. Lucky for him he has clearly a great mummy to cheer him up. Beautiful collection of moments here x JO

  16. hope all is well soon! Those are two cuties, so lucky to have each other for playmates.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Hope everyone is feeling better now. A taste of spring is much needed! Your little guys are adorable.

    Thanks for dropping by my moment.

  18. ear infection = sucks

    But the weather? Same here...this past week anyway...Minnesota? near 50? in Feb? Weird.

    But today it's another snowstorm. back at it :)

  19. That indoor hockey looks like fun.

  20. hey Melissa! I won the Stylish Blogger award and am passing it on to you- read what I wrote about you and check out the award on my blog- tks for all your great comments!- kelli