Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What about the other one?

With all this birthday talk, I am sure you are wondering, "Hey, what ever happened to that other kid?" Well, rest assured, the wee one is still here. Here's a summary of what he's been up to.

He has been practicing his "Statue of Liberty" pose, in preparation for a career... as... umm... a statue of liberty impersonator?

Or groovin' at a flashlight-rave-party.

He's been driving the getaway car.

Dude, get IN! The cops are right behind you!

He's been yakkin' it up with the ladies - the remote just never stops ringing.


He's testing out the snow-shoe capabilities of his Robeez.

Hmm, could use a bit more traction control.

And he's been working on his right hook.

Who you lookin' at?
Photo by Derek

He's a busy boy, that wee one. What have you been up to?

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  1. love the poses ..he is the cutest and especially love the one by derek .he does catch him in cute poses..