Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Snow?

The weathermen say there's a big snow on the way. Me? I'll believe it when I see it. This isn't the first time they've promised the big snow this year.

A dusting. Pitiful.

Regardless of the accurateness of our weather-folk, we make preparations. The snowblower and the generator have been tuned, oiled, and gassed-up by Hubs. I made run to the grocery store today for a few essentials. Tonight we'll bring in all the outdoor toys to make sure they aren't lost until the spring.

God forbid we lose the wagon, cuz I love hauling this
chubba up and down the driveway all freakin' day.

After I finish clackety-clacking away here - I'll get some soup going on the stove. Potato corn chowder? Or vegetable? I'm thinking chowder.

I'm also thinking, how in the heck am I going to survive being snowed in with these two little people? Whatever shall we do?

Well there will be tickle-fights.

Tickling = mama vengeance
 There'll be a flash-light-rave-party or two.

Dude, can you feel the bass?

Heck, maybe we'll even let 'em watch a little tv. Although, I gotta admit - that glazed-over expression kind of freaks me out.

Oh, I suppose if you've never been here - that black thing
is the entertainment center. There's a tv on top.

Hopefully there'll be snowball fights and snowmen. Sledding and long, long naps taken by snow-exhausted children (please, God).

Hot chocolate? Check.
Whipped cream? Check.
I think we're good to go.


  1. we are getting killed down here. dad and i both home for the day work in either location. already have quite a bit on the ground..would like to be up there with you guys enjoying the 'rave parties and hot chocolate" enjoy it all

  2. Want to cross-country ski over here :) I've been in preparation mode here - Ron's left for work :( I've pulled out the art supplies, rearragned the toy room and pulled out the "snowy day" toys, made waffles (which were quite yummy). I don't have the stamina that you do for keeping the kids screen-free, so I'm sure that there will be a movie or two before the day is done. Now Livvy's getting the little guys all dressed to go outside. Feeling a little guilty about that as I sit here in my bathrobe checking my blogs...

  3. Ha! If you don't feel like you get enough from your storm, I have plenty of snow to share! Just let me know which direction to send it, hahaha! I think we are up to 14-16 inches now. Just about time to put on snow pants and go enjoy it with the dog!! Then hot chocolate is on our menu too! Soup sounds like a good idea, thanks for the idea!

  4. Mom - trust me you might not want to be housebound with these two :)
    Tonya - I think ski's would be the only way to get around town today! Can I borrow Livvy? I hate putting on boots and snowsuits...
    Christie - Woah! enjoy romping with your doggers :)

  5. After all that prep, isn't it disappointing not to be snowed in? I love that 'nesting.' Good thing you're embracing the weather!