Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anothah trip tah Bah-stin

We took the birthday boy and his wee brother to the New England Aquarium. It was awesome. Unfortunately, as you know my camera is deceased so I could only take photos with my cell phone. Please pardon the crummy photo quality (the good news is, my new camera ARRIVED this afternoon). Yes!

First of all, I am sick - so I packed some feel-good supplies.

A mama had to rally - it was her boy's big day!

Right off the bat, the place was a huge hit - the seals out front rocked the big boy's world. "Just wike Seal Maiden!"

The seals are my favorite part, too. They're so freakin' cute!

We strolled around checking out the penguins, fishies and turtles. The best part was his comment at the jellyfish tank:
"What are they doing, bud?" I ask - pointing to the undulating jellies.
"Dey squishin'."

God, he's cute.

There was lunch out at the Hard Rock Cafe and then the boy requested munchkins and hockey to round out his day.

As a side note, while we waited at the drive-thru to order our munchkins we heard this conversation occur, between the woman in the car in front of us and the poor drive-thru employee, and I quote:
"Could I have a large, black coffee. Regular. With cream only."
"So that's a large, hot coffee. Umm?" says befuddled employee.
"With cream. No sugar." says obviously-not-from-around-here-driver.
Hubs and I order our munchkins and then make fun of the driver when we get to the window.
"I'm not sure how you managed to get that woman's order right," says Hubs, "She was obviously confused."
I thought the teenager might actually lean out the customer-service-window and kiss Hubs, "I know, right?!"

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, the birthday. It rocked.

Just ask him.


  1. Pretty good for cell phone pictures!

  2. happy birthday beautiful were great

  3. As a fellow New Englander who knows what "regular" coffee is, I found your D&D story quite amusing! Happy Birthday, big boy!