Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man to Man Defense

Recently it has come to my attention that the boys really enjoy one-on-one time with the Hubs and I. They don't ask for it, I don't think they even realize they need or want time alone with us, but when I have the opportunity to be alone with either of them, an opening up occurs between the two of us.

There are few, if any, tantrums or time outs, and there are lots of laughs and conversation. Yes, even with the wee one - it goes like this:
"Cah!" he says.
"No honey, that's a truck."
"That's right, Bud."
"No honey, that's a tractor."
"That's right, Bud."
"No honey, that's a train."
"That's right, Bud."
Stimulating, no?

Anyway, last week I took the wee one to the library during that witching hour between a too-early dinner and bath time.

That thing he's shaking? "Cah!" "No honey, that's a digger."
"Diggah!" "That's right, Bud."

We read books, played with legos and fancy, intellectual toys. I perused the "potty" books section and brought home a variety for the big boy - which he ignored.  What would have been a horrible, endless, two-hour stretch at home turned into some sweet mama-baby time with just a change of venue. Who knew?

Meanwhile, this past weekend Hubs took the big boy to "da ice" for some skates-free hockey.

Although, I cannot speak for Hubs - it seemed as if they had a pretty sweet time. The big boy was weeping huge crocodile tears when he came home ("I don't want to weab da ice!"), and this alone was proof enough of his enjoyment of Daddy-time.

Fore! Oh, wait.

Certainly, having a sibling is a wonderful thing - there are these rare moments where they chase each other around my legs, squealing with delight, but mostly they fight. Hit. Kick. Steal toys, and generally harass each other, and me. I find myself wishing for a blissful moment or two alone. I pine for a break that will replenish the mommy-well.  No one was more surprised than I to discover that time alone with one child would be rejuvenating in an entirely unexpected way. Probably the only person who finds spending time with one child relaxing is the parent of two children, but - unusual or not - I'll take what I can get.


  1. It is interesting how genuinely nice it can be to spend time with just one, without the competition that seems mandatory when more than one are involved!
    I do love a little one-on-one time with each girl.

  2. love the one-on-one! you outta try 3 boys! with 2 there are times when everyone is happy- with 3 it seems there is always someone upset about something- LOL