Friday, January 21, 2011


Participating again in SouleMama's {this moment} . Amanda limits herself to "a single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week." I can't restrain myself to meet her standards yet, so here's a summary of our week, in moments.  If you have a moment to share, leave a comment with a link.

Here's someone eating noodles for lunch.

He has named the little dude in his mouth,
"Ma-Man" and no one knows why.

We gave the boys their first sips of hot chocolate one evening. The big boy insists we call it "warm chocolate". The conversation went like this:
"Hey bud, you want to try some hot chocolate?" I say, offering the mug for him to inspect. He sniffs, interested.
"It's hot?" he asks, knowing that he is not to touch hot things.
"Not too hot," I say, "It's okay."
He takes a wee sip and declares, "It's warm chocolate." He was right, you know.

The little one just calls it "Share some? Pweeze".

You think he liked it?

Please pardon my bizarre hair - post-gym-hair-meets-hat-head.

We discussed snowplows with the cat.

"You see dem?" he says to her, and she looks. "Dey pwow-in"

And one last one, there were these gorgeous snowflakes on the day which will not be mentioned.

You should have seen the contortionist moves
it took to take a picture of my own left shoulder.

There were lots of other not-so-picturesque moments, but we'll save those for another day. Happy Friday!


  1. Those are gorgeous snowflakes on that coat!!!

  2. Lovely moments, especially the wave to the snow-plowers!

  3. Great shots! I especially love the expression in the first one. Priceless. :)

  4. Love the noodle on the forehead! The snowflakes are beautiful - they don't seem real, they are too perfect! Here's mine:

  5. You moments are lovely and I enjoyed hearing about the first sips of warm chocolate!

    Here is my moment:

  6. this blog is the best feel like i am sharing their lives even if i am far away. they are such beautiful kids and you are soooo lucky god bless you all

  7. Great moments mama! Have a great Friday ;-)

  8. Great moments! Love the snowflake pic..amazing!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great week.

  9. what a fun assortment of photos! thanks for sharing. My moment:

  10. Happy friday to you too, and thanks for stopping by my moment!

  11. Now I am here! I am glad! beautiful moments for sure.

  12. Your babies are such cuties!

    Thanks for the sweet comment this morning, you are my first one ever!

    Amy @

  13. OH my goodness those snowflakes look unreal!! wow!!

  14. Betty - Wow! never seen a snowflake like that. pretty amazing. thanks.