Monday, January 24, 2011


How was your weekend?

My dear (younger) friend told me she was going out with another couple for dinner to celebrate their recent engagement (Congratulations!).  Jealousy hit me in the gut like a sucker-punch. I was bombarded by memories of pre-children Hubs and I, going out for leisurely dinners, seeing movies, shooting pool and generally living it up.  Unfortunately, now-a-days we are pretty lame.

What did we do this weekend?

Well there was a lot of surviving-the-cold.

Here's me in my sweet snow outfit.  Yeah, lookin' pretty fly.

The wee one decided to experiment with mama's hat.

Looks like a good fit.

There was a generalized dislike of the snow. The wee one did enjoy sledding, but not nearly as much as he enjoyed contemplating tee-ball in the spring.

Green bat or yellow? You think he's
juiced? Damn Jose Canseco.

The big boy categorically refused to leave the garage.

Which would make a larger dent, tee-ball bat or hockey stick?

A giant pot of vichyssoise was made (recipe to be shared later), some unimportant (i.e. not related to my home team) football was watched.  I stuck my nose in a great book (post to come later).  Some chores got done.  A lot of tea and hot chocolate was consumed.  And here we are, Monday again.  Poof. Where'd your weekend go?


  1. you will miss the "kids" days when you can go back to leisurely dinners and dating at dad and my age ..don't hussle them by. enjoy and savor every the photos and i do think your winter outfit is "FLY" he he..

  2. I think we all experience that envy at times. We've just found ourselves a good local babysitter (after 5years!) and so are rediscovering the joy of dining out )once a month is the plan so we'll see how that goes..)! Our weekend was a homey one too, with a family trip to a local swimming pool. Certainly not the high life but a lovely one nonetheless! Have a great week!

  3. We lucked out and had an overnight sitter, so we went to a hotel after our dinner-and-a-movie date for as many shenanigans as we could stay awake for. ;) But after that, it was grocery shopping, putting up new curtains, cleaning, etc.

  4. I've had that pang of envy - since the older kids and I were a package deal from the get-go, husband and I had brief times without kids, but they were always in the background in one way or another. We did manage a date night out at Chili's Sat. which was WONDERFUL. I like what your mom said above. I'll have to keep that advice in mind on thos crazy days.

  5. Hubby and I never live anywhere long enough to get comfortable with sitters (thank you, military), so we hardly ever go out. I totally get what you mean- our weekend was spent taking the boys on nature walks, bringing them to the park, and watching a lot of Disney. Not exactly the sexiest way to spend time with your SO! :)

  6. I try to plant a sexy one on the hubs, even when we are out with the kids. We were on a hike the other day and our son caught me kissing his Dad. He grinned and rolled his eyes. But I think it reassures him that his family is strong and that affection is good. It helps blur the lines between family time and date time!