Thursday, January 13, 2011

The big snow. Part deux.

Well the weather forecasters can't be wrong every time - and this time they got it right. Mother nature delivered about a foot of snow to our neck of the woods.

The snow was eagerly anticipated.

And thoroughly enjoyed. Well, enjoyed for a few hours by the big one, and for about fifteen minutes by the little one. But, it was a glorious fifteen minutes.


What was not thoroughly enjoyed by this mama was the application of snow apparel to two reticent snow-goers.

The tantrum over snow boots reached epic proportions.

A tenuous treaty regarding the snow boots and suits was reached by the threat of an entire winter spent indoors.  And a small amount of bribery. A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do.

Yet, another example of my sweet photo editing. Go ahead, just try to
read the license plate and stalk us, you creepy stalker-weirdo. Ha!
We left the shoveling to the wee one, who as you can see, had it under control.

So I took my wool socks inside for some hot chocolate. 

What's more flattering than wool socks and grey stretch pants?

In other news, today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad. There are a few very important things I learned from my father:
1) Do not cut a tomato using your thigh as a cutting board.
2) How to drive a stick shift.
3) Work hard and smart.
4) Laugh. A lot. At yourself and at everyone else, because it's all funny. 
5) Grow a garden. A good garden.  
6) Argue. About everything. Know your opinion and stick to it. No matter if the other person ends up being right. Old coins, Kathy! Old coins!
7) Camping is awesome.
8) Cooking should be fun and messy.
9) How to swear effectively. In more than one language.
10) And finally - go back and re-read number 4, because that one's the best one. No matter how bad it gets, you can always laugh. This is the man who nick-named me "Strokey" during that whole I-had-a-stroke-and-brain-surgery-at-mass-general-thing. You gotta laugh or you go nuts. Or perhaps we're laughing because we are nuts. I don't know, and I don't really care - because I'm going to keep on laughing. Thanks, Dad.


  1. OMG you made me really have dad's number. i guess if you live long enough you realize that your kids know you better than even yourself..i am sure dad will get quite a kick out of it..

  2. How wonderful for you! Enjoy the beautiful white stuff.

  3. #10! In times like that if you are not laughing you are screaming. Screaming doesn't seem to help anybody.

  4. I have a soft spot for #2 since my dad also taught be how to drive a stick. And someday I'll blog about it because it involves a bright neon handwritten sign "Driver in Training" attached to the back of the car.

  5. Ben - absolutely - although screaming can be more fun :)
    Tonya - neon sign = awesome. can't wait to read that story.

  6. I love the shot with your boy with the shovel ;)
    So precious!

    via soulemama

  7. OMG Melissa, that whole "strokey" thing?? ya WELL, I feel ya....When I got in my bad car accident & your dad brought my mom to the hospital to get me? I was barely in & out of consciencness, and your father leaned over & whispered..."Deb, are you wearing clean underwear?" UMMMM?!?!??!?!?! lol I didnt even know if I HAD underwear on, let alone if they were clean!! LOL