Monday, January 17, 2011

Shifting gears

Thank you to everyone who posted kind words, advice, and understanding - I appreciate each and every comment. I am so bolstered by you kind folks out there.

The struggles with my cantankerous three-year-old continue. So I've decided to switch gears today and write a wee bit about his wee baby brother.

Four gigantic molars have appeared in the wee one's mouth and it is as if a curse was lifted with their arrival.  A sweet, funny, charming little dude is emerging.

He likes to play peek-a-boo.

Although, he totally cheats. You've been warned.

Sometimes, he's a super hero.

Dun da dun! Don't mess wid da binky.

He likes to climb up one step, and have a seat. Unfortunately he can't get down the one step so eventually he stands up and hollers, "Git down!" until one of us comes to get him.

Yes he brought his cup, binky, blankie, and snack with him.
I've got two kids - sometimes he has to wait for rescue.

He really likes pears.

I have to snatch the core before he eats that, too.

And he loves to share.

Yes, have some.
(Please tell me someone recognizes that quote.)

He's busy idolizing his big bro.

Think the makers of Tag would pay me for all the free advertising?

And sometimes - he's just got to run wild.

Somebody stop me!

He's been making us laugh and lightening things up around here, and we are so grateful.

Come on mom, not in front of everybody!

The boys are often cyclical in their behavior, when one is struggling - the other chills out. I hope that noticing and acknowledging the ebb and flow will help me survive the difficulties we're facing with the big one. 


  1. love him love him love him he is such a cutie and i'll bet a good source of some laughs during the day..give him kiss for me ..send some pics to carlos too good to pass up he you guys

  2. Great BLOG, I am definitely going to put you on the must read list. I love reading about other moms and there kids.
    - Traci

  3. Thanks Traci - for visiting and for the comment, it makes my day - I hope you'll come back again :)