Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday, Part deux.

Beloved family and friends gathered at our house this weekend to celebrate our big boy's birthday.  The Bruins were the theme of the day.

There were egg-free cupcakes - lovingly decorated by yours truly.

I said lovingly, not fabulously.

There was a totally sweet ice cream cake with a hockey rink built on top by a loving Daddy.

Alright, fine. He liked the cake better than my cupcakes.

He even let us sing to him - without too much protest. Although he did refuse to blow out the candles.

"Wook, mama. Dey hittin' da puck!"

Those cake toppers have not left his hands since he licked the frosting off them. They went into the tub with him last night. They went to bed with him. They came down to breakfast again this morning.

Sorry, everyone who brought a present -
the cake toppers have stolen the show.

Daddy's other gift was also a hit.

Da Bwoo-ins.

It was a great day. Despite the fact that Christmas was only a few short weeks ago, our little village still managed to come up with thoughtful gifts that lit up my boy's eyes. They didn't even complain that it was yet another party with lots of yummy food - even though everyone is back on their respective stay healthy bandwagons.

There was laughter and fun - and a house full of people we love. Thank you.

I never fail to be amazed that people love my kids. I mean really love them. The way I do. They take time out of their busy lives to come up here and celebrate. They drive long distances, in the snow, up hill (okay, maybe not up hill). But they came nonetheless, without complaint. With joy and generosity and love. And thoughtfulness, don't forget the thoughtfulness. We are so blessed.

Some days it's easy to be grateful.

So, in that spirit of gratitude I made a small donation to the ONEder fund, and I'd love it if even just one of you guys followed the link and thought about donating, too. The money goes to the National Down Syndrome Society. And if you don't already obsessively read Kelle Hampton's beautiful, amazing blog - I might suggest you check it out and book mark the page.

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