Friday, January 28, 2011


Friday moments with Soule Mama again. If you have a moment (or several) to share, please leave a comment with a link.

In the midst of the endless wintry-ness of January in NH, I was inspired one cold and snowy evening to introduce our big boy to finger paints. Unfortunately, he did not at all approve of dipping his finger into the paint.
"Wipe it off, mama."
So, being a quick-thinking and resourceful mama (i.e. not wanting to wipe his finger 17 times per minute), I provided him with Q-tip "brushes". Success!

Neat and tidy toddler.

In a less inspired mama moment, I got bleach on my brand-new shirt.


There are these wicked icicles hanging from our roof, just outside the boys' rooms.

That big one in the middle is easily five feet long.

We read wee tiny books, until we were exhausted.

Yes, he's resting his head on the shelf.

And we had moments of brotherly cuteness.

Where'd we get the sweet toybox? My uncles
made it for us. They rule.

The endless games of peek-a-boo continue.

As I mentioned last week, he cheats.

Happy Friday to you, and you, and you. Thank you for visiting. xo


  1. Omg j's wee face in the play house!Uber cute!

  2. I love all of your moments! What I wouldn't give to have icicles outside my window right now :) Happy Friday!

  3. Oh, you gotta love OCD toddlers! Wait 'till he starts lining up all his textas according to colour, with the lids all facing the same way! (sadly they grow out of it just when they are old enought to start putting away their own clothes!)
    have a great weekend

  4. You've had blessings by the number this week! Great moments!

    Our moment:


  5. Some great moments! Here's to many more.
    Gayle x

  6. Those are some fab icicles! What a sight to have out your window; my kids would be envious!

    Stopping by via Soule Mama...

  7. The icicle shot is beautiful!!

  8. Sounds like you had some great adventures! Thanks for sharing for us. :)

  9. Wow there is really cold. I love the face of your little one.

    This is my moment:

  10. The Q-tip brushes are a great idea. I remember my little cousin using q-tips for those water painting books.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  11. wow, great pics. especially love the icicles and the adorable little face framed by that toy!

  12. Super cute! Nice icicles :)

  13. Happy friday too, and thanks for visiting my moment :o)

  14. My son is like that too, glad I'm not the only one! Such precious moments! (Thank you for visiting my moment, puns and all!)

  15. Wow, those icicles are unbelievable!

    My boys didn't like finger painting either. Your blog brings back so many sweet memories of when my older two were little... good times, if a little chaotic! And yes, one kid at a time is nice once in a while. I couldn't believe how much quieter my house was the weekend my middle son was gone, and we only had two in the house again. Apparently, they were the quiet two. ;)

  16. nice icicles and cute photos.... visiting from soulemama

  17. What wonderful pictures. Your boys are so gorgeous. I love your oldest resting his head on the shelf while reading, and that last shot is an absolute classic - so cute.

  18. They are such dolls and seriously the q-tip brushes a. sound like fun and b. quick thinking!!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your moments! I've been itching to try finger paints with my little one - you may have inspired me to go for it! I'll keep the q-tip idea in mind. Enjoy your weekend.

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  21. The boys are adorable and the shot of the icicles is awesome!

    Here's mine:

  22. What a sweet sweet post -- all good times you are having!

    Stay warm!

  23. ah qtips, I will have to do that too. my little one also does not like getting his hands dirty...he won't even open the car door when its raining..."um there's water" he says in this sarcastic gosh you're stupid for not noticing voice.

    thanks for stopping by my site too :)

  24. Ahh,winter here in new england is hard but it makes for lots of cute "moments" inside.
    thanks for commenting:)