Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Out of the mouths of babes

Lately, some truly funny things have come out of my children's mouths. 

Thank you, beloved Miss Kristen for sharing several of these with me. 


Big Boy (after I helped him up off the floor): "Fanks, Mama - You're a lot stronger than you look!"

Wee One (to Hubs): "Are you my best fwiend?" 

Big Boy: "Miss Kwisten, you got some smooooth moves." 

Wee One (as Miss Kristen scooped him out of his crib after nap): "Gasp! Dis wooks wike my home!" 

Big Boy: "Mama? Can you get me a waffle?"
Me: "Sure, Bud."
Big Boy: "But first, let's cuddle."

Wee One: (When he smells anything) "Gah! What is dat tewible smell?" 

Wee One: (When someone asks him about his eye) "I not weah my boots on da stai-ahs anymore."


Do you have an amusing kid quote to share?


  1. now who could top those quotes..hilarious..such fun when they interact with people..sounds like wee one has the incident causing the black eye in perspective and don't think he will make the move again he he..love you guys

  2. LOL, I typed a post yesterday with the same title. Yes, my kids also say some adorable things. :) I love the one about the boots on the stairs!