Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let them eat cake

So, as you know, the Big Boy turned four. 

Four is big.

Yesterday while we were riding in the car spotting fire hydrants (our favorite game), the Wee One was totally cheating, crying "I spotted that one!" when in fact he had been looking in the completely opposite direction.

The Big Boy took it in stride and said, "Now let me spot one, and then you can spot the next one, okay?"

The Wee One complied, and they took turns spotting hydrants - with absolutely no intervention from me.

He's also starting to back-talk a little. 

Trying it out, to see how it goes over.

"You gotta share the trains, Bud."
"No! I! Don't!" 

Two words: Lead. Balloon. Get thine butt to time-out, back-talker. 

Why use the fork? 

He's also started calling me "Mom" instead of "Mumma". 

He puts this hilarious little accent on it - as if he's calling me a naughty word and he expects to be reprimanded.

"Can you read this book, Mom?" 

Anxious pause. 

"Sure, Bud."

Confused face. 

You'd laugh too if you were sitting across the table from this... 


He's so big.

How did he ever get so darn big?

Not cool, bro.

I'm not ready. 

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  1. boy you think four is bad for you how about grandmother..yikes where does the time go..forwarded the photos to bumpa ..i am sure he will get a kick out of them ..remember MOM every phase has both good and bad points. love the good and correct the bad ..that is what parenting is all about ..keep up the good you guys