Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Awesomeness

This weekend I got to cash in a Christmas present from my beloved sister.

Girlfriend signed us up for a private Pilates training session for two, utilizing the oft-whispered-about-but-never-actually-seen Pilates machines. 

Oh, you didn't know there were Pilates machines? Well let me tell you sistah-friend, if you've ever taken a Pilates class, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

This beast is called The Cadillac

That wee pixie with the ripped biceps is the trainer. She's my new hero and I sort of love her.

That sweet photo editing (brown rectangle) on the left is hiding my sister. You're welcome, Liz.

Yes, the Cadillac is sort of like a set of parallel bars - and yes, you do indeed hang from the bars and do, umm, flips and stuff.


Awesome trainer jumped up there and demo'd it for me. I love her.

This creepy contraption is The Reformer.

We spent our session here, on the Reformer, and it  may have been the best hour of my life.

The black cushion slides back and forth along the frame. You can move it by pushing off that black bar at the near end of the frame or by pulling on some straps that are attached at the far end of the frame.

You place your butt, hands, or feet on the cushion and slide around controlling the movement with your core (i.e. abs, lower back, and glutes) with your arms and legs doing a variety flailing and gyrating and circling.

It was awesome. 

If you are like, "What in the hell is Pilates?" you are missing out. Email me. Find a class. Try some of the moves on YouTube. If you are a local, come to one of my classes - it's awesome, just sayin'.

Thank you, Liz. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. what a great gift..nothing better than the gift of fitness..good job big sister..sounds like a great day and i'll bet that trainer is something to watch just like you doing your exercises and putting all the guys to are awesome you

  2. That sounds totally awesome--what a great gift! Although I will admit that just the name "the reformer" kind of scares me. :D