Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year. I love you.

Happy New Year, Gang.

There has been so much celebrating going on in my life over the past few weeks.

Sure, we had Christmas. Then we had New Years...

But we had one extra reason to celebrate this weekend.

Big, big news.

Sparkly, shiny, wonderful news. 

Oh, love.

The magic of a promise.

Dreams for the future.

I love these two people dearly.

To watch them blend their lives together, to grow together, to laugh together - it has been a beautiful journey.

I am lucky to call them friends. Blessed that I will get to call both of them family.

Soul brothers. 
Though these two are in the sparkly phase of a relationship, when they look at each other, there is a remarkable solidity in their eyes.

Here I see a foundation being laid. Strong, sturdy. Built on respect, understanding and generosity.

These two. Oh, these two people are some of my absolute favorite.

Congratulations Kelly and Derek.

Here's to two amazing people, embarking on an amazing journey together.

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  1. can i chime in too and say that they are some of my favorite people too..they are a special couple and i am so happy that derek and kelli will hold a special place in the hearts of both your boys..may they have lots of happiness and a great life together..