Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grown Up

Now that I am the grown-up, I have come to respect how much effort goes in to creating the joyous carefree seasonal moments from childhood.

Last week, it snowed.

It was our first accumulating snow of the season and it was a lovely little storm.

About 2-3 inches of perfect snowball snow arrived, without messing up the days' commutes too terribly.

Though, from experience I knew that even a few inches of snow could be troublesome - so I had a list of things to do, just in case. 

* Ask Hubs if the generator was ready to go and if there was gas standing by.
* Shovel a path for the generator in case we had to drag it out.
* Fill the car with gas.
* Cook potentially perishable food (we can only grill and microwave in the event of a power outage).
* Assess the status of vital items (diapers, medicine, hot chocolate, tiny marshmallows).
* Hit the library for Thomas the train videos, and an assortment of new books.
* Do all laundry.

In the meantime, while I am planning and coordinating like a seasoned general, the kids want to go out and enjoy the snow.

* Suggest pre-snow gear potty trip and diaper change.
* Endure tantrums and whining.
* Successful potty trip and dry diaper applied - Pat self on back.
* Change the children into clothes that will fit more appropriately under snow gear.
* Endure additional whining.
* Apply snow pants.
* Recognize the Wee One's snow pants are too small, and the bib portion cannot be zippered over his round toddler belly.
* Shrug and leave them anyway.
* Apply jackets, hats and mittens.
* Apply snow boots.
* Change own clothes in kitchen in order to keep up with anxious children.
* Children enjoy snow for 2.2 minutes.
* Force children to stay outside until I finish shoveling the walks and the generator path.
* Endure whining and shivering.
* Head inside for hot chocolate and Thomas the train videos, strip snow layers and wet inner layers
* Set naked children free inside the house.
* Hang up snow clothes to dry, and arrange boots on mats.
* Redress children and start video.
* Make hot chocolate.

Luckily, the power stayed on this time.

I know we won't always be so lucky, but at least I know we'll be prepared.


  1. wow that is quite a list ..glad you are still under power..hope it continues for the whole winter. we all deserve an easier winter this year..kisses to the boys.

  2. Snow is so much work! I agree! Maeve has a tantrum when she has to come inside, even if she's freezing and tired. :( I still let her go out because I am a wonderful person.