Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Artful boys

It is important, in my humble opinion, that the boys are exposed to art.

You know me, I read all the books, and the books tell me that self-expression through art can help children with difficult emotions and during difficult times.

Later, we're invading Sparta.

My two boys could not be more different when it comes to art.

The Wee One loves it. Crayons, markers, paint ... anything. He can't get enough. And the bigger the mess, the better.

Shudder. The paint is all mixed up. Gah!

My littlest is freedom personified.

Containing him during art time is like containing a force of nature.

Umm. Sweetie? You've got a little something.
On your face.

The Big Boy, on the other hand, does not enjoy art.

He has only recently begun to participate because of his Wee brother's enthusiasm.

Paint brush inspection.

He sits quietly at the table, thoughtful and absorbed.

Continually requesting that I clean up any stray drip.

For me, art time is an excercise in determination.

I try vehemently to restrain myself from hovering over them and trying to avoid messes.

I grind my teeth and repeat my mantra, "Washable paint. Washable paint. Washable paint."

When it's over, I breathe deeply and give myself a pat on the back.

Apparently, art time is good for me, too.


  1. will pass this on to both the great grandfather and grandfather..bumpa will appreciate that coby has his enthusiasm for art and grumples will NOT!!i love the expression on both boys very into what they are doing..so CUTE keep up the good work mom you are making well rounded men

  2. LOL, I do the same thing with markers... "Washable markers, washable markers..."

    It looks like they have a lot of fun painting! Do they like other mediums, like play dough?

  3. Gah! I love art time, too, but it stresses me out! Maeve has not been allowed to use paint yet except INSIDE a plastic bag b/c I know how she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. But even fingerpainting inside a plastic bag can be messy!

  4. This is one of those times where it's nice living in the rather-warm-for-January desert--I can always take Sammy outside and hose him off when arts and crafts time gets too out of hand. :D

  5. I just love the last picture here, he's adorable and obviously loving the paint time. Good job Bad Mama!