Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nice Shiner, Bro.

Now before you go freaking out or anything, the Wee One is just fine.

A bit more colorful, but fine.

Actually, no, he didn't hit himself in the face with a wrench.
But that is exactly what I looked like. 

I can hear you all the way from here, "Good Lord, what happened to his face?"

Well, dear friends, our Wee One learned a valuable lesson:
*Thou shalt not attempt to descend stairs while wearing snow boots, without proper adult supervision.*

"I think this makes me look rugged."

The best part of the story is that this incident occurred while I was at yoga this weekend. So I receive a photo message on my cell phone with this poor child's face.

I wasn't too traumatized, though. Our Wee One is going to be our Emergency Room child.

There's one in every family, yes?

The Big Boy is so cautious and careful, where the Wee One is adventurous and unafraid.

This lovely shiner will be the first of many, I think.


  1. boy he did a good job but looks none the worse for wear..that was a funny story and i'll bet dad could have killed him scare you with their fast feet getting into those are right it makes him look rugged ..i'll send it to bumpa he will get quite a laugh

  2. That is one heck of a shiner! I think he'll think twice about taking to the stairs in his least for a week or two. :D