Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Day

If you stopped by for Friday's "Moment" you may have wondered who are the other children involved in that heart-stoppingly cute toddler group hug.

Well, dear friends, those two little angels belong to a beloved friend of mine, who came up on Thursday to spend the day with us - and brought lunch!

Oh, this girl and her daughters - they own some serious real estate in my heart.

This is little sister:

So cute it hurts. 

Now, little sister is so painfully cute you just can't help but want to scoop her up for love, but sadly, little sister is still knee deep in stranger-danger so the only time she would get within 3 feet of me is when I had my big, black camera in front of my face.


And where there's little sister, there must of course be Big Sister. 

Big Sister has captured the heart of my Big Boy. Oh, do these two play nicely together. 

Though Big Sister can't always get on board with the perpetual
truck-and-train play in our house.

Love, love, love this next photo. 

Check out the two girls chatting with my shy Boy.

"Did Santa come to your house this year? Yeah, I was hoping for the TI-89
titanium graphing calculator, but my marble playset is pretty cool."

And I also love this next photo - group hug attempt 1:

Palm to the face.

For those of you (Derek) who are wondering where the Wee One is in all these photos - little guy was sleeping, I forgot to take my camera out until the last minute.

No worries tho Wee One will be back tomorrow. 

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  1. love the fact that your best buddy gives you some bonding time with 'girls" he he..maybe we can do an arranged marriage he he..now that you have derek in the family you can get amanda to join the crowd..her girls are beautiful